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Do Prescriptions Drugs Work for Neuropathy Sufferers?

Themain goal of treatment for neuropathy involves managing the underlying conditions which have caused it. If doctors can correct the underlying causes, then the neuropathy pain will usually improve on its own. A secondary goal of treatment is pain relief. Depending upon the type of neuropathy and your own overall health, symptoms can range from mild numbness, tingling and pain in limbs to severe pain and numbness.

Over the Counter Medications
Doctors often attempt to alleviate your symptoms with the mildest medications possible because they know that over time, you will build an immunity to certain drugs and they will no longer be of help. It’s best not to move on to prescription drugs till necessary.

Over the counter medications like naproxen sodium and acetaminophen will work well for most people in early stages of peripheral neuropathy. Be sure to speak to your doctor before starting any new meds or changing your dosage. As long as these relieve your pain, then they are usually preferred because there are fewer side effects and no risk of addiction.

Prescription Drugs
After a few years, these types of pain killers may not work as well anymore and your doctor might decide that it’s time for a prescription drug. Codeine is commonly used for a variety of pain from toothaches to backaches. It can cause constipation, a rash or stomach upset though.  A good many Americans are allergic to drugs that contain codeine.

Doctors are also experimenting with prescription drugs that have, in the past, been used for seizures. Some of these aretopiramate (Topamax), gabapentin (Neurontin), pregabalin (Lyrica), and phenytoin (Dilantin). These drugs were originally developed for treatment of epilepsy. Doctors have found that they work well for nerve pain in some patients. These drugs have a long list of side effects that include diarrhea, anorexia, drowsiness, nausea and dizziness.

Creams and Lotions
Many creams and lotions commonly used to address back aches and neck pain or arthritis symptoms will help with the pain of neuropathy. Capsaicin is made from hot peppers and contains a natural substance that can cause improvements in peripheral neuropathy.

Topical analgesics include creams like Icy Hot and BenGay. Rubbing these onto painful areas can bring temporary relief. Your doctor may also suggest a heating pad since heat tends to help with blood flow.

The Lidocaine Patch is now being used for many patients suffering from a number of illnesses, aches and pain. This patch contains the topical anesthetic Lidocaine and is appliedto the area where it hurts the most. Up to four patches per day can be used and your doctor will consult with you to help you develop the best plan of action for your particular case.

Ask your doctor to work with you to address the underlying causes of your neuropathy and follow his treatment plan. He may suggest eating a more healthy diet, exercise or walking.This may do more good than anything else. Some prescription drugs do come with many harmful effects.

Neuroplenish is an all-natural substance developed by researchers that contains many of theB12 complex vitamins, along with qualityherbal extracts. This formula was designed to help restore your good health using natural means.  Neuroplenish doesn’t simply mask your symptoms and make you feel better temporarily. It actually works to bring real healing and relief from the pain and tingling sensation of neuropathy.

Patients who have tried every other drug and treatment for neuropathy have found genuine healing with Neuroplenish. This formula uses a combination of five different Vitamin B formulas, R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D, Ashwaganda Root, Cramp Bark Extract, Passion Flower Extra and Skullcap Extract, to bring tangible healing and help to those suffering with neuropathy. Its healthy ingredients will enable you to have more energy, sleep better and feel better about your life.

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