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The Best Choice In
Neuropathy Support

A #1 doctor recommended formula of unique vitamins and anti-oxidants
that can effectively support the symptoms of neuropathy.

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Neuroplenish is manufactured in the USA using only the best procedures as set
forth by the FDA and GMP.

Clinically Tested Ingredients

All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and are
tested for purity and strength.

Physician Testimonials

Dear friend,

Neuropathy is a complex disease that still puzzles doctors for successful treatment options. Often times the problem is not the actual disease, but what is causing the disease. Maintaining nerve health is one of the best ways for the prevention and maintenance of neuropathy and its symptoms. As we age, our bodies begin to struggle in using certain nutrients and this can lead to a nutrient deficiency.

A nutrient deficiency or the inability to process a nutrient may cause the neuropathy or symptoms of neuropathy that someone may experience. People often see a doctor and are prescribed medication to treat their symptoms. However these prescription medications can cause side effects that can be intolerable. These unwanted side effects can include drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, swelling in the arms and legs, and even weight gain can occur. Sometimes they can be so bad that it isn’t worth the relief that medication provides.

Many times neuropathy can be supplemented with special kinds of vitamins and the symptoms can be dramatically lessened and often completely disappear. In my professional opinion, the three main components in Neuroplenish (Vitamins B1, B12, and Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) combined with the other specially chosen ingredients create a well-balanced formula for the supplementation of neuropathy. The best part is that this formula has no unwanted side effects and is safe for most people.

Many of my own patients use Neuroplenish daily and have seen fantastic results over just a few months’ time. I could not have imagined that this formula would have worked so well, but after seeing it with my own eyes there’s simply no denying how effective it is. If you are looking for an easy, safe, non-prescription option that can give you real results that last, then I would highly recommend that you try Neuroplenish to see if it works for you.

Dr. Bruce Nielson
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Director Optimal Wellness

To Whom It May Concern,


My name is Ryan and I have been practicing as a Natural Massage Therapy for 11 years now. I believe that by combining proper nutrition and hydration, followed by consistent exercise and stretching with regular massages and chiropractic treatment, everyone can live a happy, healthy, sustained life.

Over the years I have dealt with many people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. There have been a variety of cases including chemotherapy, diabetes, and simple aging. My approach to therapy remains the same for each case. Neuropathy massage procedures can be painful to the client so caution must be used when working to the client's tolerance level in each session. That being said, however, it's important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to progressively increase pressure so that eventually you are working tissue "to the bone." Naturally, this is a process. It may be that in the first few sessions all you can do is touch their feet due to pressure sensitivity.

A few months ago I was introduced to a supplement called Neuroplenish. I was given some free samples to give to my clients, and within a week, 2 of my clients were both able to tolerate a higher level of pressure during their massage therapy session! It’s been about 2 months now and over 5 of my clients are telling me that their symptoms are virtually gone. This overjoys me and my clients! I would recommend anyone who is suffering from neuropathy to try it and see if it works for them. Good luck and I wish everyone the best!

Ryan Y.
LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner of Element Bodywork

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