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Long Term Peripheral Neuropathy Effects

Peripheral neuropathy is defined as a condition that affects the nerves that are located outside the brain and spinal cord. Damage to these nerves can cause changes in movement, sensation and involuntary functions. Pressure on these sensitive nerves can result in permanent nerve damage, which has lifelong effects.

Peripheral neuropathies generally affect three different types of nerves: motor, autonomic and sensory. Sensory nerves are responsible for relaying information to the brain, including changes in temperature. Patients that experience numbness and burning sensations may also have reduced feeling in the area(s) affected by the peripheral neuropathy. For example, patients that suffer from severe foot pain neuropathy may not feel if they injure their foot, which could result in a serious infection.

Peripheral neuropathy can impact the motor nervous system and some patients report total or partial loss of muscle control and movements. Some patients even report experiencing paralysis in certain areas of the body that are affected by the neuropathy, such as the legs or arms. Peripheral neuropathy is also responsible for muscle atrophy, which is defined as loss of muscle tissue and/or mass. Patients suffering from muscular atrophy may lack fine movements, including fine motor coordination skills. Additionally, damage to the autonomic nerves, which are solely responsible for involuntary functions, can cause dizziness and other medical-related problems.

Patients suffering from severe peripheral neuropathy may lose weight. Studies show that some patients can lose more than five-percent of their body weight, as they suffer from severe nausea and vomiting after meals. As the autonomic nervous system controls feelings of fullness, many patients express feeling full after a few bites, causing them to eat less food, which affects their total body weight. In addition, motor nerve damage in the throat region can also affect the ability to swallow.

Many patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy may experience depression and low self-esteem, causing them to avoid social situations and stray away from positive human interaction. Many neuropathy patients express feeling self-conscious about impotency issues, urine leakage, urinary incontinence or other bodily functions that they are no longer able to control.

Fortunately, Neuroplenish offers a unique, complete blend of vitamins and botanical extracts that are designed to address the pain associated with neuropathy. Key ingredients in their proprietary blend include stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B1. This neuropathy supplement helps increase circulation in the hands and feet, helps patients with normal daily activities, targets nutrients that are needed for healthy muscle functions and replenishes the body’s nervous system with valuable vitamins and minerals.

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